An Open Letter To Christians

Nothing frustrates me like good old fashioned religion in action. The past few months I have been dealing with others in the Greenville, SC community that claimed to be of Christian practice. As time goes on I am beginning to see them as nothing more than a bunch of hypocritical church scholars that have knowledge of Christian Doctrine but practice nothing but self service.

Example 1- A homeless man with three kids came to our church last night. His wife left him with the kids never to return. All the kids are under 13 years of age. They had been to several of the LARGE churches in the downtown area and several other “Ministries” to try and get some help with a place to stay and maybe a bite to eat. No one would help them. Not a single blasted church in a decent sized city would help. Our church put this guy and his kids up in a hotel and several people our trying to get this guy hooked up with work and some help for his kids.

Example 2- Once a month we run a soup kitchen downtown. Normally it was held in the parking lot of a large church downtown. Unfortunately we can no longer use the parking lot because to many “Undesirable ” people would show up, like over a hundred of them.

In both examples, the people who need help have more than likely made a series of poor decisions to put them in the position that they are in. As Christians we don’t get to pick and choose who we help, we are expected to just do it. Maybe the help we give that father will go unappreciated or he will continue a series of poor choices and never turn to God. But his son, who is watching everything happen, will be impacted by the CHRISTIAN example of love and service. If you call yourself a follower of Christ, it’s your duty to serve, not to sit in judgement and decide whether someone is worthy of your time.

We serve others, it’s what we are called to do. Remember that whole “Let your light shine before men” thing? I’m pretty sure they were talking about letting the holy spirit guide your actions, not at your own comfort and convenience.

As a rule, if your church’s idea of outreach is a movie night with the same people who are there every week and 95% of your budget is used to keep the lights on, chances are that church is a waste of every-ones time.

My challenge to all of you is this, next time someone needs help, give it to them. Even if it goes against reason and especially if it’s the kind of person that you normally wouldn’t hang with. You may be surprised at what blessings God opens up for you. -Launch

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  1. Launch,

    Yes, I have experienced this kind of thing myself. Actually, if I just focus on being a servant and not what other people are doing like boses etc. then perhaps I am better off, then again it may build up inside an come all out at once if I dont get it off my chest. I like to think of church as having now walls just the true Body of Christ. I work in a ministry and I am crossing denominational lines by working with these kids and it does not always add up or line up but sometimes it does which is nice. Church meetings can be great and sometimes I like it out of the box.

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