16 Basic Social Skills

Last week at this time I was in South Carolina visiting Launchpad.  My wife and I had to drop some kids off at camp in North Carolina and Launch’s place was only an hour out of the way so we stopped by his cottage for supper and a visit.  When we arrived we were greeted at the door by some pleasant young men that looked us in the eye, introduced themselves and stuck out their hands for a handshake.  Afterward, one of the young men offered to give us a tour of the house and did an excellent job.

After meeting these young men it reminded me of visits I have made to other facilities where I was greeted in the same way and realized that they were being taught the 16 basic social skills that Boystown has found will help a person effectively handle more social situations and get along better with people.  I also realized that how different it is at our facility where the 16 basic social skills are not formally taught.  We try to teach manners and address social situations but I have decided that we need to do more.

On the way home my wife and I decided that in spite of what anyone else on campus does, we are going to start working with our children and start teaching the Boystown basic social skills. 

The 16 Basic Skills are:

  • Following Instructions
  • Accepting Criticism
  • Accepting No for an Answer
  • Staying Calm
  • Disagreeing with Others
  • Asking for Help
  • Asking Permission
  • Getting Along with Others
  • Apologizing
  • Having a Conversation
  • Giving Compliments
  • Accepting Compliments
  • Listening to Others
  • Being Honest
  • Showing Sensitivity to Others
  • Introducing Yourself

As you can see they are things that everyone should master, and if everyone did, think how much better we would all get along.

Being the computer guy that I am, I started searching the internet and found several places where they were listed and also gave each step of the skill with different variations.  It wasn’t until the 3rd or 4th page of Google results that I found the source direct from Boystown.  Parenting.org is a service of Boystown and lists the 16 basic skills and detailed instructions for teaching them.  Here is a link to the exact page: http://www.parenting.org/behavior/socialskills/ 

Every houseparent should visit this site and if teaching the basic skills is not part of your facilities program, you should take it upon yourself to teach them.  I may just make your job a lot easier in the end.

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  1. Thanks for the link. Just taking a quick look at this it would be great to teach to our boys in a formal way, which for me that would be informal in most people’s eyes. Thanks again!

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