The Choking Game – It Can be Deadly, Kids are dying looking for a thrill


The Choking Game

An old stunt with a new deadly twist

I was recently involved in the mourning process of a young man that at the time I and many others believed had committed suicide by hanging himself. When it happened it was a shock to everyone. People that had spoken with him shortly before it happened said he was in good spirits and happy when they saw him. All of us that knew him, can’t remember seeing any of the signs of somebody thinking of suicide. It was just a total unexplained mystery to all of us. I (emphasis on ME, I can’t speak for others) now believe he may have been a victim of a very dangerous game many young people are playing. One of the many names it is known by is the “choking game”.

Although I never participated (I thought it was a stupid idea), I can remember back to my school days over 25 years ago of guys choking each other until they passed out, they would then let go and everything seemed to be all right. I have talked with several others that have related similar stories. So kids depriving their brains of oxygen to get a rush is nothing new. However, it seems that today’s youth have added a deadly twist by using ropes, belts, dog leashes, etc. and playing by themselves. After doing a little research on the internet, I discovered that in addition to the two children in Idaho that may have been victims of this game, there have been other children that may also have been killed playing the game.

If you are not familiar with this game, you need to do some research and learn about it. Most of the kids that are playing are middle school/Jr High age. It seems a lot of “normal/good kids” are playing the game, according to some of the articles I read, they are looking for a “drug free” high and enjoy the rush they get when the blood begins to rush back to the brain.

I would think that the children many of us work with would be even more prone to playing this game and we need to be able to recognize some of the signs. Last Night ABC’s 20/20 had a segment on it; you can find out more on their website about the game and links to other resources.

Also talk with your children; they need to know how deadly this game can be.

Sharron Feb

The Choking game is as deadly as it sounds. There are so many children dying from this horrible game. I lost my 12 year old son Jesse to this dangerous game and started an educational web site with my Daughter. 
There are other information sites and this information needs to be given to children, parents and schools to educate them and the risky games that children are playing.

12 Year Veteran

It’s an old “game” alright. Definitely a deadly one. Kids were doing that even when my parents were in school. When we were in school your “friends” helped you. Kids went out for a few seconds to 30 mins. That was the then scary part of it. Nowadays it seems the kids are doing this in a more private arena, by themselves, and now they use devices (belts, towels, strings, etc) to tie around themselves. This ups the danger factor. Now when they pass out if they lean the wrong way, its all over.
Not a good or safe game if you ask me.