This is a first for us, but we’re pretty sure that our biological kids have lice. We haven’t checked the rest of the kids in the house yet because they’re still at school, but we’re expecting that at least some of them will have it too. My husband and I have never dealt with this before (as kids or adults). Does anyone have any tips on getting rid of it in with such a large group of people? There are 14 of us living here right now, and I have no idea where to begin! 



Although we have been lice free for about 3.5 years there was a 1 year period before that when we were having to deal with lice every month. We had one group of children that would come back with lice every time they went home on a visit. So we got pretty good at treating it.

We would use the commercially available lice shampoo to wash their hair. Then I would comb out their hair with a lice comb every day for 10 days and wash it again one final time. We purchased the metal lice combs and reused them over and over again.

My wife would wash all the clothing they took with them on the visit. She would also wash their bedding and their clothes everyday during that 10 day period we were treating them. That was usually enough to do away with the lice.

I found that the most effective part of that for us was combing their hair daily with the lice comb. It seems that you can never get all the eggs out with just one combing and the shampoo doesn’t kill all the eggs. Combing daily removes any newly hatched lice before they have a chance to lay more eggs.

We also have some very hard and fast rules to keep lice from spreading to all the children and staff. My wife has gotten lice, twice from the children since we have been houseparents, I don’t have enough hair.

Rule #1: Everybody has their own comb or brush and nobody shares, ever!!!!

Rule #2: Bedding is washed weekly and nobody shares personal pillows, ever!!!



We had run into the same problem (I think I originally asked that question on the forum a long time ago). We seemed to be unable to get rid of it as we had some kids too young to use the commercial shampoo, and some with extremely thick and long hair. After the third go round, we used Vaseline. We slathered Vaseline over everyone’s head (even those where we could not find nits or live bugs) and then put a shower cap on. We left it on all day and night (Saturday). To wash it out, use peanut butter (oil fights oil). They never came back after that. The morning we spent washing everyone’s hair (it took a couple of washes) we also rewashed all the sheets, sprayed the van, couches, etc. Good luck and don’t give up.

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