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Position Title:  

House Parents

Facility Name:  

College Saint-Charles

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Contact Person:  

Beth Dyson  

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Job Description:  

Main responsibilities of the job
As a leader of the Boarding team, being student focused in all matters with having a proper discerning view of how the boarding program supports the school community at large.

Student Routines
• Wake every student in the morning for breakfast and morning registration and inspect student bedrooms, filling in appropriate paperwork
• Supervise student’s Prep hour in the evenings and Supervised Study at the weekends
• Report student illness promptly in the morning. If emergency attention is required, to use the emergency number or call an Ambulance
• Ensure the smooth running of the boarding house generally in accordance to the student handbook to maintain a friendly, welcoming and happy environment
• Ensure curfew times are kept ; filling in associated paperworks as requested and reporting issues of lateness
• Help with student arrivals, student induction and departures when required

Facilities oversight
• At weekends, to help the housekeeping team with maintaining general cleanliness and tidiness in the boarding house
• Reporting any maintenance issues through the college system
• Assist with laundry requirements of the students
• Issue keys/cards as residence requires
• To ensure a visible presence in and around the premises of the boarding house at all times when on duty

Pastoral Care
• Monitor the student’s welfare and behaviour and report any problems in the residence to the boarding supervisor
• Communicate with teachers related to any student concerns
• Regularly communicate with parents about both positive achievements and ways students need support
• Arrange regular meetings with the students to support them academically, socially and emotionally.

School Community
• Liaise with Programme Directors and Heads of Department as requested
• Attend termly induction and regular staff meetings
• Work with boarding staff and administration to complete an agenda to ensure complete coverage for boarding school students.
• Develop and lead club activities as well as be involved in school side events.

As part of your wider role within the College, you will also :
• Follow the guidelines of the staff handbook
• Work closely with the school leadership
• Demonstrate a commitment to personal development and growth
• Engage actively in the performance review process
• Comply with any reasonable request from the Principal or Head of School to undertake work not specified in this job description
• To be courteous to colleagues an
Website: saint-charles.ch

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