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The Children's Home

The Children's Home, Inc.

As the heart of the home we provide for our children, Cottage Parents play a key role in The Children’s Home’s holistic philosophy of care. Cottage parents use a professional, team-oriented, and trauma-informed approach to support our children. Each cottage on campus is home to up to 9 children, with four Cottage Parents serving alternate shifts of seven days on/seven days off. The Cottage Parent

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Bethany Children's Home

Baptist Children's Homes of NC, Inc.

Do you hear the call? For over 130 years Baptist Children's Homes of NC has been "Sharing Hope... Changing Lives." We are growing our residential childcare program and seek married couples who feel God's call to serve children and families at our Mills Home (Thomasville, NC) and Kennedy Home (Kinston, NC) campuses. May God bless you in your search, and in your service.

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HouseParent & Residential Care Jobs

Looking for a position as a houseparent or residential care worker? I currently have facilities from all over the country, looking for Couples, Singles and Administrators. I have expanded listings to include INTERNATIONAL facilities..

Current listings as of 12/04/2016 (103)

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Additional Services

THE HOUSEPARENT NETWORK BLOG - In the blog I share resources, my experiences and thoughts about houseparenting and residential care. It is set up with an RSS feed so you can link to it with a reader or from your homepage if it is RSS capable.

"MEMBERS ONLY" The "Members Only" Section is where you can view exclusive "Members Only" content. It includes the complete Facility Directory with over 1250 listings to residential facilities, many of which advertise positions on their site.  Job Listings sorted by State, and a section for posting your resume. 

FACILITY DIRECTORY - Listings of Residential Facilities.  There is a much larger Directory in the "Members Only" Section.

STATE GOVERNMENT AGENCIES - These agencies should be able to answer the questions you might have about a specific State. They should also be able to give you information on starting a facility or becoming Foster Parents.

FORUM ARCHIVE - I put the best posts from all the previous Houseparent Network Forums, in this fully indexed and searchable ARCHIVE

LINKS TO RESOURCES - Links to Child Care Organizations, Juvenile Justice Organizations and Sites, other Facility Directories, and Training Resources.

HOUSEPARENT ARTICLES - I have over 30 articles for houseparents and other residential care workers on various topics to include: Salaries, Behaviors of the Children, Other Houseparents, Tips, etc. 

STORIES - A place for you to share funny stories that have happened to you as a Houseparent or read about what has happened to others.

BOOKSTORE - View and Purchase books and other resources related to life as a houseparent and residential care workers.

TRAINING RESOURCES - Links to training programs and organizations

INFORMATIONAL RESOURCES - Information about drugs, alcohol abuse, problem behaviors, pop culture, etc.

HOUSEPARENT/RESIDENTIAL CARE FACTS - Houseparent facts, types of facilities, definitions, surveys.

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